About Me

A golden halo of light, the simple and beautiful world inside a baby's eyes, a child's smile that fills your heart and instantly erases the memory of all those tantrums at the grocery store.  Ever since that moment when I stood alone in a small darkroom watching an image magically materialize on a piece of blank paper in a tray of developer, I've been mesmerized by photography.  Even now, working in digital, I still get a rush when I see the images appear on my laptop for the first time. 

In this increasingly fast-moving world, where it seems hard to catch our breath and our children go from crawling to running in a blink of an eye, I think photography is even more important.  It captures and preserves the moments and the precious details we so frequently miss in our hectic routines.  As a mother of two young boys, I know the feeling and I know the value of stopping time and appreciating the beauty of the moment. 

Capturing those moments is what inspires me.  There is nothing better than catching people at their most natural and comfortable, whether it’s at a wedding, birthday party or the playtime of one of my photo shoots.   

My photo sessions are relaxed and fun.  I work mostly in natural light, because it creates a warm, realistic look, but I can also arrange studio sessions, especially for headshots.  Most of all, I'm flexible.  For me, it's all about adapting to your situation to create  high-quality photographs that reflect your unique life.  Call or email me.  Let's talk. 

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